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everyday. 1:30pm.


We have collectively walked, cycled, and run this far as of Tuesday, August 3rd. Add your activity to the Activity Log! We reached our first goal - Ottawa (384km), our second goal - Winnipeg (2018km), and our most recent goal - Vancouver (4378km). Our next goal is to complete the distance from Vancouver to St John's (6818km).


Chat with your fellow graduate students.

Get the contact and info from your Physics Committee members. See what they can do your you! 

See a clear outline of all the gains we made in the last round of collective bargaining.

Track your walking, running, cycling, and more so we can cross Canada together!

A group that's trying to make equity a thing.

Contact us for the password. For graduate students only.

Meet the PGSA Executives

We plan social events and remind you of things that concern you.

President - Robyn Learn
VP External - Pria Dobney
VP Internal - Vida-Michelle Nixon
VP Communications - Kathleen Hart
Treasurer - Joscelyn van der Veen
First Year Rep - Alexandra Stephens

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